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Investing in infrastructure helps move the economy.

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America’s freight railroads know the importance of building and maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient rail freight transportation network. The industry invests in its infrastructure more than 40 cents of every revenue dollar earned. Even during the economic downturn, railroads continued investing. In 2012 alone, railroads invested $25.5 billion. 

While trucks, barges, and airlines operate on infrastructure paid by taxpayers, freight railroads operate almost exclusively on infrastructure they own, build, maintain, and pay for with their own money—not taxpayers.

Public-private partnerships benefit everyone.

The future will bring more demand to move people and goods by rail. Mutually beneficial public-private partnerships will continue to help solve critical transportation problems. Public-private partnerships benefit all by ensuring rail is in place to support the nation’s present and future transportation needs.

Infrastructure investment impact:

  • From 1980 to 2012, America’s freight railroads invested $525 billion to maintain and modernize the national freight rail network.
  • Norfolk Southern partnered with 13 states to build the Crescent Corridor, a 2,500-mile rail infrastructure from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast that will remove more than 1 million trucks from congested highways annually.
  • NS supports CREATE (Chicago Region Environment And Transportation Efficiency Program), a public-private partnership to reduce congestion and add freight and passenger capacity in the metropolitan Chicago area.