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Safety is NS' first priority.

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Norfolk Southern is dedicated to the safety of employees, customers, and communities, and  works toward continuous improvement of its safety efforts.

Whether developing or improving safety tools and programs for customers and communities or creating new safety processes for employees, NS strives to make a positive impact on safety for all.

Operation Awareness & Response


At Norfolk Southern, safety is our number one priority.  Operation Awareness & Response (OAR), was launched in 2015 to educate the public about the economic importance of the safe movement of hazardous materials by rail and to connect emergency first responders in Norfolk Southern communities with information and training resources. In April 2016, Norfolk Southern put a dedicated safety train in service with a locomotive, 2 box car classrooms, 4 tank cars, and 2 specially equipped flat cars to provide hands-on training. For more information and to join OAR, please visit:

Safety impact efforts:

  • The Enola Diesel Shop in 2012 became the first NS work group to achieve 2 million consecutive employee hours of reportable injury-free service
  • NS has improved its internal safety processes by emphasizing leading indicators of safety processes, such as employee attitudes, the quality of safety checkups, and job safety briefings. By focusing on behavior-based safety and providing positive feedback, workplace safety processes are improving.
  • NS mechanical supervisors recently led a pilot to analyze workplace injuries and incidents with the PIC/NIC Analysis® tool. The post-injury review has helped managers and employees better understand why workers behave in ways that result in injuries.
  • Protect the Line is a program that helps Norfolk Southern keep the railroad safe. Members of this NS community awareness initiative keep an eye out for suspicious activities and potentially hazardous situations, and report issues directly to NS Police at 800-453-2530.
    Learn more about rail safety, go to
  • NS participates in Operation Lifesaver, a national organization dedicated to eliminating car-train collisions at highway-rail grade crossings and trespasser incidents.

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