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Pocahontas Land Corporation

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Pocahontas Land Corporation (PLC) and its subsidiary, Pocahontas Development Corporation, own or manage more than one million acres of natural resource properties in Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Operations on PLC properties include mountaintop removal surface mining, truck and shovel surface mining, underground mining machines, and longwall underground mining machines.

A leader in safe, efficient, environmentally sound management, Pocahontas helps lessees ensure that resources are mined to best benefit all parties. 

Working with partners to determine the best uses for reclaimed mining areas, PLC has provided more than 110,000 acres for educational, economic, and recreational use, including high schools, a state park, and a golf course, as well as for housing for families displaced by flooding.

Locations of natural resource properties
Pocahontas Land Corporation - 2012 Statistics
Acres Owned or Managed 1.029 million
Gross Revenue $82.4 million
Coal Mining Lessees 96
No. Active Mines 99
Annual Coal Production 17.4 million tons
Coal Reserves 1.67 billion tons 
Coal Reserves Tributary to NS 5 billion tons 
Total Tons Mined 2.027 billion tons 

Quality Data

By Volatile Matter  
Low-Volatile 297 million
Mid-Volatile 86 million
High-Volatile 1,290 million
By Sulfur Content  
Compliance 549 million
Low-Sulfur 763 million
High-Sulfur 361 million

PLC manages the oil and gas reserves owned by NS and its subsidiaries.  PLC continues to pursue profitable growth opportunities and strives to achieve its vision to “be the most responsible, innovative, and successful owner and manager of natural resource properties.”

Volatile Matter

Key coal characteristic that coke producers consider in determining coal blends for coke that goes into blast furnaces

Sulfur Content

Compliance <1.2 lbs. SO2/mmBtu

Low-sulfur 1.2-2.5 lbs. SO2/mmBtu

High-sulfur >2.5 SO2/mmBtu


For information regarding oil and gas leases on NS properties, contact:

James M. Kinder
Manager Coal and Gas Resources
Pocahontas Land Corporation
P.O. Box 1517
Bluefield, WV 24701

For information about coal matters on NS properties, contact:

Burton L. Perry
Senior Manager Mining & Coal Resources
Pocahontas Land Corporation
P.O. Box 1517
Bluefield, WV 24701