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Norfolk Southern is committed to the development of cutting-edge technologies that will enhance the safety and quality of its rail service for employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate.

From automated processes that eliminate human error and predictive analytics that shift our focus from reaction to prevention, to energy-management systems that conserve millions of gallons of diesel fuel and movement-planning tools that maximize the efficiency with which freight pulses through our national economy - NS and its strategic partners have pioneered a level of technology in recent years that significantly enhances the company's longstanding role as a safe and community-oriented driver of economic growth and societal value.

Yet, there is far more work to be done. A technologically advanced American economy cannot maximize its potential without a rail-industry partner of equally advanced stature. While the last decade has seen unprecedented progress in the evolution of railroad technology - culminating in the development of Positive Train Control - NS is working to harness the momentum of recent achievements and drive our company toward additional safety, environmental, and efficiency gains as we work to become the railroad of the future.