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Build or Expand a Rail-Served Facility

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The steps below provide a general outline for building or expanding a conventional rail-served facility on Norfolk Southern.  

Step 1. Initial Contact Between Industry and Norfolk Southern

Contact your local Industrial Development Manager to discuss the scope of the project.  Be prepared to discuss commodity type, anticipated volumes, origin/destination, frequency of rail shipments, etc.

Step 2. Development of a Conceptual Track Plan

Based on the project criteria provided in Step 1, our Technical Services team will work closely with you and the Industrial Development Manager to develop a conceptual track plan, tailored to the rail needs of your facility.  This ensures that new industry track infrastructure is designed for safe and efficient operations, allowing Norfolk Southern to provide preliminary approval of the conceptual track plan prior to the development of detailed engineering plans.

Step 3. Preliminary Review & Approval

Your local Industrial Development Manager will coordinate a preliminary review of your rail service requirements and conceptual track plan to ensure concurrence between Industry and Railway early in the project.

Step 4. Development of Detailed Engineering Plans

Industry will retain the services of a professional engineer to prepare detailed engineering plans, formalizing the conceptual track plan developed and reviewed in steps (2) and (3).

Detailed engineering plans submitted by Industry must adhere to Norfolk Southern Railway Company Specifications for Design and Construction of Privately Owned Industry Tracks.

Step 5. Operations Review & Approval

Your local Industrial Development Manager will coordinate a review of the detailed engineering plans with Norfolk Southern’s Operations Department.

Step 6. Execution of Track Agreement

Upon Norfolk Southern Operations Department approval, Industrial Development will draft the appropriate track construction and operating agreement for review and signature.

Step 7. Track Construction & Inspection

Industry completes all track work for Industry owned and maintained tracks.  Norfolk Southern completes all track work for Norfolk Southern owned and maintained tracks.

Upon completion of all track work, track(s) will be inspected by Norfolk Southern personnel and placed in service.

Step 8. Onboarding

Your local Industrial Development Manager will coordinate an update of Norfolk Southern’s internal systems to include the new tracks and rail capabilities at your facility, allowing you to order and receive railcars.

Step 9. Rail Service to Commence