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Hey Norfolk Southern… What’s Your Function?

May 13, 2013

Be sure to check out Norfolk Southern’s new television commercial at

The commercial, “Norfolk Southern, What’s Your Function,” premiered Thursday at NS’ annual meeting of stockholders and again Saturday during National Train Day in Washington.

Soon, it will air on cable news programs, including CNN, CNBC, and Fox, as well as in various online venues, beginning in June.

The commercial is based on the “Conjunction Junction” song from ABC’s Schoolhouse Rock! television show, a property that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The original song was performed from the perspective of a locomotive engineer who sang as he hooked together boxcars with the conjunctions “and, or, and but.” The NS ad updates this classic to remind everyone that NS trains connect us all. For those of you who want to act like you’re not old enough to remember the original, and those of you who actually are, you can revisit it here:

Norfolk Southern’s advertising agency, RP3, of Bethesda, Md., created and produced “Norfolk Southern: What’s Your Function.” Award-winning director Samuel Bayer photographed and choreographed it. Rhonda S. Broom, manager advertising, Norfolk, coordinated for NS.

Special credit goes to Assistant Terminal Superintendent Troy L. Conway Jr., and Trainmaster Mike McGarr, and their team at Inman Yard in Atlanta; Dave C. Beasley, manager hub operations, and his team at NS’ intermodal facility in Austell, Ga.; and a number of Georgia Division employees. Together, they “made the trains dance” as the spot was filmed on the property over a cold and windy five-day period in March.