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Lawmen ‘Raise ’Em Up’ in NS music video

Aug 06, 2010


What do Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet, Aerosmith, and the Norfolk Southern Lawmen have in common?

They all created hit records at the famous Doppler Studios in Atlanta, where the Lawmen recently arranged and recorded an original song, “Raise ’Em Up.” To celebrate the Heartland Corridor project, NS released the song and a music video today.


“When we saw the gold and platinum records on the walls with the number of copies they sold, we were in awe that we were recording a song in the same place as these artists,” said Lawmen Manager Stan West.

The video, a first for the Lawmen, mixes footage taken during construction of the Heartland Corridor with a country line dance led by three singers, including NS employee Anita Brown, senior customer account representative, revenue accounting. A “making-of” video shows behind-the-scenes footage.


More than 200 employees appear in the video, which was filmed in Atlanta in front of the David R. Goode Building and at the McDonough Training Center. Kim Cloutman, manager corporate media center, and Marc Orton, director visual communications, directed and produced the video, which features E.T. Jackson on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Mark Crawford on the six-string electric bass guitar, Freddie James on drums, Dale McCoy on lead electric guitar, and Myron Smith playing the electric pedal steel guitar. Folksong-writer Dave “Briz” Conard of Belmar, N.J., penned the song for Norfolk Southern.

The song soon will be available on iTunes, and the video is available on the company’s YouTube channel in addition to the Web site.

The Heartland Corridor is a three-year project to upgrade Norfolk Southern’s rail route between the busy Virginia ports and the Midwest by modifying 28 tunnels to accommodate double-stack containers. The new gateway will cut about 250 route miles and a day or more of transit time from current train schedules.

Norfolk Southern Chief Engineer of Bridges and Structures Jim Carter calls the Heartland Corridor “a once-in-a-lifetime project. It’s probably one of the biggest engineering projects taken on by a railroad in modern times.” Project Manager Bob Billingsley, who logged about 800 days in the tunnels or traveling between them, managed daily operations. The Heartland Corridor is scheduled to open Thursday, Sept. 9, with a commemorative event at Cowan Tunnel near Radford, Va.