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Valuation Map Request

How to obtain valuation maps to NS right of way

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Norfolk Southern Corporation subsidiaries own land in 22 states and the District of Columbia. If you require a valuation map for NS right of way, you must submit an application and associated fee(s).

The nonrefundable fee to obtain an electronic copy of the valuation map is $500 per map.

Valuation Map Request

To obtain a valuation map for NS right of way, please e-mail your application to the below with a copy of the check:

Please mail in the original check to the address below:

Norfolk Southern Corporation
Real Estate Department
Attn: Valuation Map Request
650 W Peachtree Street NW - Box 22
Atlanta, GA 30308

Valuation Map Request Instructions

Download PDF 161 KB

Valuation Map Request Application

Download PDF 235 KB

* Submit applications promptly

Valuation map requests often require input from several departments, please allow sufficient time between the request and your need.