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Wire, Pipeline, and Fiber Optics Projects

License wire, pipeline, and fiber optics projects.

Browse Wire, Pipeline, and Fiber Optics Projects

Norfolk Southern offers fiber optic installation opportunities throughout its 22-state network and pipe and wire licensing options along 19,500 miles of rights of way.

Obtain wireline and pipeline licenses.

News Flash - RailPros Selected to Manage Norfolk Southern Pipe and Wire Program

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To assist utilities, municipalities, and other parties in obtaining utility occupancy licenses for wireline and pipeline projects, Norfolk Southern has retained RailPros to manage its wire and pipeline program.

RailPros offers a new, innovative, and transparent online permit and management system to handle utility permitting and coordination processes.   

RailPro's cloud-based, web-enabled right-of-way management software allows applicants to upload attachments, send messages, obtain real-time status updates, execute agreements, and coordinate field services.  If you are interested in initiating the process, fully complete the online application and submit the applicable fees.


In order to prepare your application and develop your project, please consult and follow the following files and guidelines:

General Process and Handling
Expedited Handling Procedure
NSCE-4: Specifications for Overhead Wire and Cable Occupations  
NSCE-8: Specifications for Pipeline Occupancy and Conduit Occupations
NS Work Site Safety Requirements for 3rd Party Pipe & Wire Installations

Questions? Email RailPros staff at

As most participants in Norfolk Southern’s Pipe and Wire program are aware, Norfolk Southern in some situations makes available the option for a participant to pay a Risk Fee for a given project in lieu of obtaining a commercial Railroad Protective Liability (RPL) policy. The Risk Fee enables Norfolk Southern to add the associated project to its Master RPL policy. The present Risk Fee of $1,000 has remained unchanged since 2002, while the rate of casualty insurance rate increases have exceeded the overall rate of inflation over that same 18-year period. 

Accordingly, as of May 1, 2020, the Risk Fee will be increased to $1,900, which is still well below the minimum premium ($2,500) of a typical commercial RPL policy and thus continues to represent significant value to Norfolk Southern’s Pipe and Wire partners.

Expedited Handling Procedure

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Install fiber optics along NS rights of way.

NS subsidiary T-Cubed, Thoroughbred Technology and Telecommunications, offers infrastructure along 19,500 miles of rights of way for telecommunications projects.

This includes fiber optics and wireless arrays installation on 375 existing microwave towers. With a 22-state network, T-Cubed can help you connect major metropolitan areas, regional centers, and small localities.

Contact T-Cubed for more information