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At Norfolk Southern, we are dedicated to providing customers with quality coal cars.

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NS has a fleet of more than 21,000 coal cars, including manual hopper cars for bottom-drop customers, gondolas for rotary dump service, high cubic capacity coke hoppers, and air-operated quick discharge hoppers.

NS replaces the oldest steel hoppers and gondola cars in its fleet as the cars come to the end of their productive lives and are retired. Old cars are replaced, as needed, with new high-capacity equipment and built to new industry standards for 286,000 lbs. gross weight on rail loadings.    

One Thousand steel gondolas were replaced in 2017 and we plan to replace another 1,000 in 2018 to maintain a solid and reliable fleet.

Over the years, NS has added new aluminum air-operated quick-discharge hoppers for use in dedicated train sets, replacing old steel manual hoppers. NS also has added coal gondolas featuring twin-tub design and constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. These rugged, lightweight cars are compatible with all NS-served car dumpers and typical thaw shed operations performed by NS customers.


  • Steel Hoppers
  • Steel Gondolas
  • Air-Discharge Aluminum Hoppers
  • "Twin Tub" Aluminum Gondolas
  • Steel Coke Cars
  • Stainless Steel Gondolas

Whatever your needs, Norfolk Southern is committed to providing safe and reliable equipment from our extensive fleet of more than 21,000 coal hoppers and gondolas.