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Ashtabula Coal Pier (Idled), Ashtabula, OH

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The currently idled coal dock at Ashtabula, Ohio is a modern coal transshipping facility located on Lake Erie. It serves as a transload point for coals destined to electric generating utilities and cement producers in Canada and the Great Lakes Basins. The dock can handle all lake-sized vessels. Annual throughput capacity is seven million tons.

Bituminous coals from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia origins arrive at Ashtabula in unit trains where it is then rotary dumped from the rail cars and either stored on the ground or loaded directly into self-unloading vessels for further shipment to Canadian and domestic destinations.

Group storage is available for up to 1.2 million tons, thus permitting year-round dumping. This allows producers to ship coal during the winter months when the lakes are closed.


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