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Domestic Equipment/EMP

Ship with a superior domestic container program.

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Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific offer EMP, one of the largest service networks for intermodal domestic containers. Agent railroads including Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern also are part of the program.

Access a massive equipment fleet.

EMP provides customers access to an equipment fleet of more than 35,000 containers and chassis. Plus, EMP offers the flexibility to use the equipment in a dedicated assigned service or on a free-running basis as needed.

Reduce your costs compared to trucks or other intermodal services.

One of EMP’s biggest benefits is unbundled pricing. This means the rail linehaul charge is separated from the equipment use rate. So customers who load and unload EMP containers fast can enjoy lower total cost compared to trucks or intermodal services.

Get logistics support from REZ-1.

REZ-1 is a vendor that hosts the EMP reservation system. Besides handling all reservations, REZ-1 handles per-diem accounting. Customers can see equipment availability in real time, make equipment reservations in advance, track equipment, and maintain equipment charges all day, every day.

Features and benefits of EMP:

  • Many different container sizes are available for individual loading preferences
  • A variety of equipment program products are provided to meet specialized requirements
  • Customized reports are generated with REZ-1 to help streamline the logistics process and improve container management