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Triple Crown

Protect your goods with maximum cargo protection.

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A Norfolk Southern subsidiary, Triple Crown Services provides bimodal door-to-door truckload service for key automobile parts  shippers.

Our RoadRailer® trailers feature hybrid technology that allows for over-the-road and on-the-rail transportation. Enclosed trailers are pulled over highways in tractor trailers and over rails by locomotives. By letting trailers ride on rail bogies instead of being lifted up onto rail cars, the air-ride cushioning provides maximum cargo protection.


Triple Crown’s innovative RoadRailer trailer offers many benefits, including:

  • Go anywhere and do anything a conventional trailer can do; plus ride directly on the rail
  • Protect shipments better with our dual mode air suspension system that helps provide air-ride cushioning on the highway and on the rail
  • Reduce the chance of cargo damage with slack-free couplers
  • Get on-time delivery with our dedicated, regularly scheduled trains
  • Gain access to our fleet of  53'-long by 102"-wide trailers
  • Prevent vandalism or theft with the 12-inch coupling distance between the trailers that stops cargo doors from opening during travel
  • Go green by removing traffic from highways and reducing greenhouse gas emissions