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Save money and time with Modal-X.

Modal-X is NS' Web-based door-to-door intermodal service. It’s designed to help you save by dynamically linking transactional freight opportunities for door-to-door transportation purchases for those transportation companies looking for next-day pickups. Modal-X combines the strengths of NS intermodal and Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services.

Modal-X web-based service makes shipping more efficient.

  • Get dynamically priced door-to-door transportation for transactional freight
  • Enjoy 150-plus lanes available with competitive “Buy Now” pricing
  • Get same-day pickup, or up to six days in advance
  • Use NS online calculator to help determine the total price before you buy
  • Access NS' easy-order activity tracking
  • View ontime regularly updated statistics
  • Gain access to 53ft equipment at major demand points