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ACH Draft Plan

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Norfolk Southern offers an ACH draft program to simplify the customer payment approval process and ensure that payments meet credit terms. The draft plan includes time-saving features such as weekly summarized billing and expedited dispute handling. Customers who join the 14-day ACH draft plan are exempt from finance charges.

Receive Invoices

NS provides ACH draft plan customers a weekly statement of invoices accrued during the previous week. Those invoices include both linehaul and miscellaneous charges associated with linehaul movements. Customers can elect to receive statements on any day of the week and can also view feight bill copies online using eFreight Bill under AccessNS. NS also will send bill copies via mail upon request.   

Handle Disputed Items

Customers must advise their customer account representative of disputes on their weekly statements by 12:30 p.m. EST at least two business days prior to the ACH draft date for that statement. NS will work with customers to resolve all disputes prior to the draft date and will draft the amount of undisputed charges only. NS will cancel disputed charges resolved in favor of the customer. The next draft statement will show disputed charges resolved in favor of NS.  

Transfer of Funds

The draft date is the 14th day following the statement date. On the 14th day, NS will draft the customer's bank account via Automated Clearing House debit.

How to Join the Draft Plan

To sign up for the ACH draft plan, customers must provide the following information:

Bank Name and Address
Bank Contact and Telephone Number
Bank Account Number
Bank Transit Routing Code
Federal Tax I.D. Number

To enroll in the plan, receive a sample bill, or to ask questions, contact the customer account representative whose name, telephone number, and email address appear on your freight bill. You can also email