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The Norfolk Southern Car Management group is primarily responsible for the long-term planning and tactical (day-to-day) distribution of empty railcars to our industrial products customers. All empty railcars requests must be submitted and are handled via eCars, our car request system.

How do we help our customers every day?

  • Our Car Management specialists will work with you to provide empty railcars in accordance with your loading requirements. Each Supervisor manages a “desk” specific to equipment type and/or geographical region.

    Desk contact numbers can be found in the following equipment type specific pages:

  • Our Car Management specialists will work with you to ensure that the inflow of empty equipment closely matches progress of loading relative to forecast and congestion at serving yards and your facilities is avoided. This will include, where and when necessary, jointly planned adjustment to inbound empty railcar pipelines

  • For new lanes and/or new commodities, Car Management, jointly with Marketing, Damage Prevention, and other teams, will work with you to identify the type equipment most suitable to support your new shipping lanes. We will also evaluate, for example, quantity of equipment required based on overall cycle time, sourcing options for such equipment, and timing of equipment availability

  • Car Management, together with further teams as required, will also work with you to support your understanding of and compliance with Norfolk Southern’s various equipment-specific policies and procedures, which are designed to protect the safe and expeditious handling of equipment at customer facilities

  • Car Management furthermore supports the analysis, monitoring and resolution of ongoing equipment quality challenges that may adversely affect the loading of customers’ products.

    Information and support on equipment and lading damage prevention can be found on the Damage Prevention page.

  • While our focus is on the management of equipment owned or leased by Norfolk Southern, we also work with industry partners, such as TTX, to support the development and ongoing management of national equipment pools to which Norfolk Southern participates. We also distribute such nationally pooled equipment to customers when such equipment is eligible for loading by NS customers