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Car Management For Respective e-CARS Equipment Groups

Browse Car Management For Respective e-CARS Equipment Groups

The AccessNS Car Order application provides customers the ability to order nonprivate merchandise rail cars for loading the following week or up to several weeks in advance. By placing car orders into the system, customers are ensured that Norfolk Southern knows the kind of equipment needed and the desired time for loading.

Orders should be made only by the industry or facility receiving the equipment for loading or by the originating switch carrier that serves the industry.

Coordinate requests for placement of cars supplied with NS Operations Service & Support. Contact OSS at 1-800-898-4296 for additional information.

Boxcar (Non Automotive)
Boxcars (East)  404-658-2340
Boxcars (West) 
Boxcars (North) 
Boxcars (South) 
Coils & Gondolas
Coils – Covered 404-658-3152
Coils – Open 404-658-3151
Mill Gons (North) 404-658-3157
Mill Gons (South) 404-658-3164
Flats & Woodracks 404-658-2012
Special Equipment
Cov Hoppers-Grain 404-658-2343
Cov Hoppers-NonGrain 404-658-2295
Aggies & Wood Chips 404-658-3565