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Chassis Announcement

Jan 31, 2019


Norfolk Southern has experienced instances of loose lug nuts on our recent addition of new chassis to the Norfolk Southern chassis fleet. As part of our commitment to ensure the equipment is safe for operation, we are performing lug nut torque checks at all of our facilities; thus far 57% of the fleet has been inspected.

We request that the drayage community please visually inspect for signs of loose lug nuts as shown below. If a chassis appears to show signs of loose lug nuts, please call Interstar at 1-800-888-1001 to request a re-torque or repair before moving the chassis. Even if the chassis does not show signs of loose lug nuts, we continue to recommend calling Interstar for verification that the chassis lug nuts have been properly torqued before continued use.

The series of chassis affected by this campaign begin with NSPZ 16xxxx.

After the torque has been confirmed, service providers are painting the lug nuts white with spray paint as visual confirmation that the safety campaign has been completed. At this time, any of these chassis departing from an NS facility have been properly torqued.

Charges for Interstar road assistance will be absorbed by Norfolk Southern.