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Chicago Ingate Closures

Feb 08, 2019


Operations in the Chicago area continue to be hampered due to the recent temporary shutdown of the Chicago metro caused by Winter Storm Jayden and the subsequent polar vortex. Despite taking measures to manage inbound Chicago volumes, our Intermodal facilities are experiencing congested parking areas due to elevated inbound volumes and a lower volume of shipment out-gates.

In an effort to improve parking conditions, and terminal capacity, we have diverted trains within the Chicago metro and instituted a one-in-one-out gating policy. These efforts have yet to yield the desired benefits and in an effort to protect intermodal operations the follow temporary-lane closures are announced:

Effective 3:00pm CST Friday, February 8th, the following lanes will temporarily close to all domestic shipments originating in Chicago:

  • Calumet to Austell
  • Calumet to Charlotte
  • Landers to Austell
  • Landers to Jacksonville
  • Landers to Miami

We ask that customers make every attempt to pull equipment from our Chicago intermodal facilities as quickly as possible and continue to ask that drivers in-gating shipments in Chicago out-gate a shipment. The temporary lane closures will not impact loaded interline shipments billed through Chicago via steel-wheel interchange.

As a reminder, Norfolk Southern Intermodal provides 24/7 automated information services for shipment tracing, billing verification, and storage charges (including the Last Free Day) through our Touch-Trace voice response system at 1-800-497-2919. Customers and dray carriers can also utilize accessNS for information concerning their shipments.