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International Transition to the Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility (MRIF) - Update

Jan 10, 2020

As previously announced, on Monday, January 13, 2020, all International Intermodal operations will transition from Memphis (Harris Yard) to the Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility (MRIF) located in Rossville, TN. Previous announcements highlighted the benefits of transitioning operations to MRIF and also provided customers with updated shipment cutoff and availability information that will become effective following the transition.  

As we approach the transition period, customers should note that the last inbound train into Memphis will be 25Q-09 (Atlanta to Memphis) with a published availability of 1:00pm, Saturday, January 11th. The last train scheduled to depart Memphis is 22N-11 (Memphis to Southeast).  No shipments will be allowed to ingate after 12:00pm, Saturday, January 11th, which reflects the cutoff for the last outbound train.  

Inbound International service at MRIF will begin with the arrival of train 23N-12 (Southeast to Memphis). Shipments arriving on train 23N-12 will have a published availability of 1:00pm, Monday, January 13th. Outbound International service from MRIF will begin with the departure of train 22N-14 (Memphis to Southeast). Train 22N-14 will have a scheduled cutoff of 6:00pm, Monday, January 13th.  

To assist with the transition of operations to MRIF, some international shipments ingating at origin points between today, Thursday, January 9th and Saturday, January 11th, may be held at origin. In addition, shipments received from ports, interline partners, and those making train connection may also be held enroute. All shipments will be loaded and advanced as soon as operations allow.

To help sunset operations at Memphis (Harris Yard), we ask that customers make every attempt to outgate shipments from the facility by Sunday, January 12th. Staff will temporarily remain onsite at Memphis (Harris Yard) following the transition of operations to MRIF to provide assistance with shipment outgates.