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NS supplier policies

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NS purchases equipment, material, and services at the lowest overall cost, consistent with accepted standards for quality and services. We develop cost-effective standards and specifications to negotiate procurements and schedule delivery of equipment, material, and services.

Sourcing Sustainability Statement

Norfolk Southern is committed to sustainability by being a responsible steward of the environment and helping to protect the communities where we operate and source materials. We strive to partner with companies that hold the same ideals through their demonstration of sustainable projects and policies.

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Electronic Data Interchange Agreement

NS EDI suppliers must sign an Electronic Trading Agreement to receive purchase orders via EDI, which replaces paper communications with electronic communications. All existing terms, conditions, and agreements between the parties are unaffected. The NS Purchase Order Terms & Conditions and NS Freight Routing Instructions included with every paper purchase order sent through U.S. mail are included attachments to the Electronic Data Interchange Agreement.

Electronic Data Interchange Agreement

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