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Contacts for Service Providers

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Service contract purchasing representatives handle bids and manage contracts for procured services.

Transportation Operations

Auto inspection, auto ramp operations, intermodal equipment and parts purchases, drayage, dust control, pest control, fencing, intermodal facilities, janitorial services, trailer maintenance, real estate projects, mixing centers, facilities (Lay-By, Forest), auto claims processing, intermodal crane maintenance, landscaping, coal facilities/piers/tugboats, security systems installations, elevators, pipeline operations, snow removal, misc. <$500K mechanical facility modifications, E-Rail Safe coordinator.

Eric Fonville
Senior Manager Purchasing – Auto, Intermodal, Trans

Supervisor Purchasing – Trans & Mechanical

IT Services and Products

Servers, software, hardware, and consulting services

Sheetal Desai
Manager Purchasing – IT Materials & Services

Maintenance of Way & Structures/Communications & Signals Engineering Services/Environmental

Rail analysis, grinding/flaw detect, environmental assessment, microwave tower construction/maintenance, CWR plant welding/maintenance, crane (w/operator) services, C&S software maintenance, field electric/thermit welding, crosstie unloading/disposal, hourly MW&S contractors, ballast cleaning/ditching, C&S grade crossing projects, waste/trash removal, MW&S/mechanical vegetation control, C&S engineering design services, waste water treatment facility, environmental remediation, environmental response, chemical lab services, asbestos, scales, freight car inspection, freight car preparation, freight car cleaning, security services, derailment response.

Carla Groves
Senior Manager Purchasing – Engineering, S&E

Kimberlee Oliver
Supervisor Purchasing – Engineering, C&S


Track and yard construction, engineering design services, bridge construction/maintenance/painting, auto/intermodal ramp construction, tunnel/culvert maintenance/construction, drainage, grading/paving/other civil projects, building demolition, building construction/remodeling/repairs, fire protection, surveying, HVAC/plumbing, bulk handling facilities construction, electrical, fiber optics installation management, clearances measurement.

Chris Pugh
Senior Manager Purchasing – Construction

Patrice Delaine
Supervisor Purchasing – Bridges & Construction

Freight, Rental Cars, Hotel/Motel

Truckload and LTL carriers, rental cars, crew lodging/hotel-motel-dorm, vending, food services for gangs/Brosnan Forest, crew hauling-taxi service

Leah Quam
Manager Purchasing – Logistics