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NS Supplier's Portal

Browse NS Supplier's Portal

NS provides a private portal to suppliers for inbound and outbound documents and inquiries. By registering for the Supplier's Portal, approved NS suppliers can access and send the following documents from one seamless location:

  • Purchase orders 
  • Invoices 
  • Bid requests 
  • Invoice and purchase order inquiries 

The portal is the preferred and economical method for transmitting purchase orders and invoices. Use of this portal implies supplier's acceptance of NS Purchase Order Terms and Conditions and NS freight routing instructions.

Register for the Supplier's Portal

Supplier's Portal Information

All users in your company must register individually for their own access IDs to the portal.

Your company is responsible for reporting discontinued access for employees who are no longer with the company or who no longer need access to support their functions.

Use of the portal is for supplier-authorized personnel only.