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Co-ops and interns at Norfolk Southern engage in a robust and meaningful corporate environment. Co-op positions and internships provide an educational opportunity that integrates a student’s academic and career interests with a paid, productive work experience. Our goal is for students to put theory into practice as they apply classroom knowledge to practical work situations.    

NS offers co-op positions and internships in all operating departments and several professional office positions.

Effective 2016:
Freshman $2,500/month
Sophomore $2,800/month
Junior $3,000/month
Senior $3,300/month
Graduate $3,666/month


Rail is the most fuel efficient way to transport goods over land. Norfolk Southern’s commitment to the environment doesn’t just stop there. In addition to lowering its carbon emissions by approximately 10 percent in the last five years, Norfolk Southern is involved in many wildlife and habitat conservation projects across its 22-state network. To learn more about NS’ sustainability efforts, visit